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The Little Prairie Pickers is a four-piece band performing folk, classic country, alternative bluegrass, and traditional bluegrass around Minnesota. The Little Prairie Pickers have more than a dozen original songs with more in the making. Rich vocals blend two and three-part female harmony. The band has performed at music festivals, coffee shops, block parties, bars, benefits, and family gatherings. The Little Prairie Pickers play family friendly music but like to spice it up after the kiddies head to bed. Ross and Danielle Deopere, a brother and sister pair from Cambria, started playing music together in 2008 with acoustic guitars. Danielle has since switched to clawhammer banjo. With the addition of Laura Karels of New Ulm, in 2008, The Little Prairie Pickers was born. The Little Prairie Pickers became a four-piece band in May, 2010 when Angie Becker Kudelka, of Mankato, joined on stand-up bass. In February, 2013 Jason Schroeder, New Ulm native, joined the band on percussion.

Danielle Deopere plays the banjo and sings with LPP.
She is one of the songwriters for the band and has been singing since she was a little girl. When the rest of the band is on stage Danielle can be found wandering around tuning her banjo.

Ross Deopere plays accoustic guitar with LPP.
He sings all the time, and occasionally into the microphone. Ross is one of the songwriters for the group.

LPP's mandolin player and vocalist, Laura Karels hails from New Ulm, Minnesota. She has a natural talent for music and likes to try new things. She dabbles in playing the accordion, tenor banjo, kazoo, and ukulele.

Angie Becker Kudelka plays LPP's low notes (stand-up bass) and high notes (vocals). Her afinity for bass lines stems from listening to her dad create vocal bass harmonies with the radio. Despite a daily bowl of Fruit Loops, Angie's yet to grow hair on her chest.

Jason Schroeder is the newest member in LPP. He joined the band in February, 2013. Jason plays the washboard, snare drum, and other percussion instruments. He will occasionally pick up the slide guitar or mandolin. His creativity has been a great addition to the band.

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